Published articles and chapters

performing site-specific theatre2012 “Immersive Negotiations: Binaural Perspectives on Site-Specific Sound”, co-authored with Bruce Barton. Anna Birch and Joanne Tompkins (editors) Palgrave MacMillan.

houston_envsitesp2007 “Please Dress Warmly and Wear Sensible Shoes”, written in collaboration with Bluemouth Inc. Presents. Environmental and Site-Specific Theatre, Andrew Houston (editor) Playwrights Canada Press. Article also published in Canadian Theatre Review, no. 126 (Spring 2006) : 16-22.


Front cover of Musicworks #1072010 Chris Kennedy. With an Ear for Gesture: Richard Windeyer immerses the listener Musicworks Magazine, issue 107 (Summer 2010): 16-23

CTR 129 CoveR2007 Bruce Barton. “Still Ringing: Sounds Collaborative” Canadian Theatre Review, issue 129 (Winter 2007): 25-29.

1997 Lesley McAllister. Reaching a Sound Climax in T.O. Hubbub NOW Magazine, May 8-14, 1997.

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