Hulaboom is an ongoing-series of original studio releases and instrument design experiments begun in 2014. Each track begins as an improvisation on a ‘hybridized’ (electroacoustic) drum kit, through which a variety of signal processes, samples and gated ‘ghost tracks’ are activated by the drummer.

In this initial phase of development, the compositional structure and sonic palette of each improvisation is expanded and shaped by studio production methods.

Subsequent phases of development will focus on:

  • multichannel (surround-sound) diffusion of the electroacoustic material
  • increased emphasis on improvised performer interactions with generative music systems (rather than entirely pre-composed content).
  • integration of movement/body tracking data as a compositional determinant
  • integration of triggered/controlled digital video as both image and light source
  • amplification of the drum kit using binaural microphones (worn by the drummer)
  • explorations of the drummer as cultural icon and storyteller.
    (September 2014)

Author: Richard Windeyer

digital music / design / performance

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