Speed, meditation, time & technology

As rumours begin to spread about the approach of summer, the University of Toronto’s Digital Dramaturgy Lab (DDL) has been presenting Stare. Print. Blue. (Voyeuring the apparatus)a durational and intermedial performance environment — over three days in the ‘Pleasure Room’ at Digifest Toronto 2015. Stare. Print. Blue. is a meditative provocation of slowness in an age of rapidly intensifying acceleration. As an immersive and technologically mediated environment, it seeks to challenge the endurance capabilities of a single performer by forcing concentration on absolute slowness of movement, while focusing the viewer’s attention on experiences of time as mediated by and through digital technology. 

My soundscape design focused specifically on creating an immersive and meditative listening space with a dual function — first, as means of encouraging a meditative experiencing of ‘slowness’ within viewer perception, and second, as a audio-temporal framework capable of helping the solo performer maintain both the slow pacing of their physical movements and their mental focus for the duration of their experience within the installation space.

The ‘DDL@Digifest’ collaborative team includes Antje Budde, Nazli Ahktari, Monty Martin, Michael Reinhart, William J Mackwood, Karyn McCallum, Alfred Renaud, Don Sinclair, and (myself) Richard Windeyer.

Author: Richard Windeyer

digital music / design / performance

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